South Valley Connector Drone Update

August 21, 2015

This drone video was taken on 8/21/2015.  It begins at the west side of the project between Bannock Highway and the Portneuf River.  The drainage pond has been graded and seeded, although there is no plant growth yet.  The concrete deck has been completed on the UPRR/Portneuf River/S 2nd Ave Bridge and rebar for the parapets are visible.  The contractor has graded the path that wraps around from the bridge to the levee road beneath.  Moving east, the contractor has paved Kirkham Rd and has been blasting and hauling rock from the west side of the highway right-of-way.  The I-15 Northbound Bridge is nearly complete with the concrete deck finished and paving the I-15 Northbound lanes completed.  The video shows that the concrete parapets have not yet been poured.  Between the I-15 Northbound Bridge and South 5th Avenue, the contractor has finished placing pipe in the ground for the drainage system and has paved the roadway and path between the entrance to the BLM Hot Shot Facility and South 5th Avenue.