South Valley Connector Drone Update

September 24, 2015

This video was taken on September 24, 2015.  The footage begins at the west end of the project nearest Bannock Highway and moves east towards South 5th Avenue.  The irrigation system and sprouting green vegetation is evident in the drainage pond at the western side of the UPRR/Portneuf River/S 2nd Avenue Bridge.  The contractor has made significant progress in building up the embankment to the UPRR Bridge by hauling excavated rock from the I-15 Southbound Bridge location.  Most of the concrete parapets and fencing has been constructed on the UPRR Bridge.  Moving east over the cliff, work is progressing on the I-15 Southbound Bridge.  The contractor is drilling holes for explosives into the lava rock and off-hauling the rock to the west.  The east side of the project looks about the same as last month with paving complete between South 5th Avenue and the entrance to the BLM Hot Shot facility.