South Valley Connector Drone Update

October 15, 2015

The video begins on the west side of the project closest to Bannock Hwy and moves to South 5th Ave on the east. The grade of the roadway and bridge embankment has been raised from Bannock Hwy to the UPRR/Portneuf River/S 2nd Ave Bridge with material from the I-15 southbound bridge location. Grass is growing in the drainage pond. The concrete parapets and fencing on the UPRR Bridge is nearly complete. The contractor is installing the concrete sleeper slabs at either end of the UPRR Bridge. The video continues to the cliff up above South 2nd Avenue where there is little change from last month. Continuing to the east, there has been progress on the I-15 Southbound Bridge. Columns and wire MSE walls are under construction, as is the concrete abutment on the south end of the bridge which sits on top of a rock ledge. The I-15 lanes have been paved. There are girders lined up on South Valley Road between I-15 and South 5th Ave awaiting installation.