WPC Phase 1 Project 2015

In April 2015, the Water Pollution Control (WPC) Department opened bids for the construction of the Phase 1 Phosphorous Removal Project. The project was awarded to the low-bid contractor, RSCI (Record Steel Construction Inc.) out of Boise, Idaho.  The bid amount was under the engineering consultant’s estimate and within the available budget.

The purpose of the project is to meet the new federal imposed limitations regarding the discharge of phosphorous to the Portneuf River.  The removal of phosphorous from the wastewater will be accomplished through biological and filtration processes.   In addition, the antiquated chlorine disinfection facility will be replaced with a ultra-violet disinfection facility, a much safer and cost-effective alternative.

The project is scheduled to be completed by the spring of 2017 and is funded through a revenue bond obtained by the City of Pocatello.  For additional information regarding this project, please contact Jon Herrick, WPC Superintendent, at (208) 234-6254 or Jeff Mansfield, P.E., Senior Engineer, at (208) 234-6212.

Start Date: May 2015
Estimated Completion Date: Spring 2017