Carson Street Bridge Open House

October 27, 2020 Below are the boards that will be on display tonight at the open house. October 15, 2020 The public is invited to […]

S 5th Safety Improvement Project

July 9, 2020 In response to changing traffic conditions, the City of Pocatello obtained a $205,000 traffic safety grant to improve the intersection of S […]

Carson Street Bridge Project

July 9, 2020 The City of Pocatello partnered with the State of Idaho to obtain a Federal Bridge Bundle Grant to reconstruct eight bridges within […]

Donrich Stormwater Project

Due to historic flooding during larger rain fall events along Donrich Ave, the City of Pocatello Street Department has contracted with a local contractor for […]

Pocatello Creek Bank Stabilization

January 10, 2019 The first photo shows excavating below the bottom of the stream channel to install the rock toe, this helps armor the bank […]

Benton Street Bridge Completed

The Benton Bridge project is complete at this time. Traffic control has been removed, and the site has been deemed clean and returned to an […]

Work Underway on Benton Street Bridge

December 10, 2019 The progress on the Benton Bridge has been slowed by cold weather the last few months. The Contractor has completed the concrete […]

Sleepy Hollow Discharge Line

September 5, 2019 A new discharge line will be installed for the Sleepy Hollow sewer pump station, eliminating the need for an aerial crossing over […]

Center Street Underpass Rehabilitation

August 23, 2019 The City is working with a design Consultant in the final design phase. The design will be finished by fall of 2019, […]

Benton and 12th Sewer Project

July 3, 2019 The project is substantially complete with revegetation efforts to come in the fall. June 10, 2019 The underground repairs to the 12th […]

Griffith Road Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project

May 22, 2019 As of May 16, 2019, the Griffith Road sanitary sewer improvement project has been completed. May 10, 2019 The new gravity line […]

WPC Primary Clarifier Discharge Line Replacement

December 17, 2018 The construction of this project has been completed with exception of the asphalt patch back, which will be completed in the spring […]